Our passion and vision for better healthcare improve the lives of:


Complementing your practice for better patient care.

We help doctors personalize patient care to optimally treat disease and maintain health and wellness. We are committed to providing only the highest level of testing quality...

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Helping you transform your practice of pathology.

Leveraging our expertise in anatomic, molecular and digital pathology, we can partner with your lab to provide high-value diagnostic tests and services that can...

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Know how to respond quickly to your health concerns.

Information is empowering. Laboratory test results provide critical information your physician needs to help make important healthcare decisions with you...

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Our Company

Pathology, Inc. is the premier Women's Health laboratory. As a trusted partner to physicians for three decades, everything we do focuses on achieving a better patient outcome. Learn More >

West Coast Clinical Laboratories

West Coast Clinical Laboratories, Inc., a leading California provider of clinical laboratory testing focused on women’s health and reproductive donor testing, has joined forces with Pathology, Inc. This novel partnership brings together expertise from two laboratories that have been servicing the women’s health community in California for decades. This unique opportunity will mean access to an expanded test menu, including specialized testing in fertility and women’s health, reproductive donor testing and STAT testing for key assays

Central Coast Clinical Laboratories

We have joined forces with Central Coast Clinical Laboratories to provide a unique opportunity for patient care in the central coast community. Together, our laboratories provide comprehensive clinical and anatomic pathology services with unparalleled support, innovation, and patient care.
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