Pathology Inc Mobile HD

Pathology Inc Mobile provides access to patient data on the physician's iPad or iPhone anytime, anywhere.

  • Delivers patient data, including results, literally at doctors' fingertips
  • Create electronic orders with special instructions
  • Perform medical necessity verification during office visits, reducing follow-up calls from the lab for missing patient information
  • Communicate with patients promptly and easily with a simple iPad® tap-to-email option, or the tap-to-call feature for iPhone®
  • Ensures patient confidentiality—protected health information is never stored on the device
  • Allows access to new and unread results, with abnormal result flagging and interpretive notes
  • Supports integrated report display for lab, pathology and radiology results

For more information, please contact Michael Mosunic, Vice President of Sales, at (310) 225-3245 or

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