Flow Cytometry

Pathology, Inc. provides the latest comprehensive Flow Cytometry testing for Hematology specimens. Our five-color analysis, focused by precisely constructed antibody panels, provides for a rapid and robust analysis without excessive or unnecessary testing. Our dedication to innovation and expertise results in comprehensive information for better treatment planning of hematologic diseases.

Benefits of our flow services include:

  • Five-color flow analysis
  • Innovative gating strategies
  • Well-chosen antibody combinations based on clinical impressions and preliminary flow analysis
  • Large library of antibodies for difficult cases such as bi-lineal or minimally differentiated acute leukemia
  • Experience in subtleties of antigen expression and maturational patterns
  • Results and consultations called to you within 12-24 hours

Pathology, Inc.’s Hematology staff has an extensive number of years of experience in flow analysis and interpretations. Our Hematopathology specialists are readily available to consult on test results.

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