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5500 Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP) - AMA Panel

Specimen Type
Specimen Stability
Reference Range
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Specimen Requirements

Specimen Type: Serum
Container: 1 Serum Separator Tube (SST)
Temperature: Refrigerated
Preferred Vol: 1.00 mL
Min Vol: 0.50 mL


Ion Selective Electrode (ISE)



Turn-Around Time

24 hrs; Also offered STAT at an additional charge


Clinical Utility

A common panel of tests that gives the doctor important information about the current status of the kidneys, blood sugar, electrolytes and acid/base balance and response to various medications and other medical therapies. Panel includes Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, CO2, Anion Gap, Glucose, Calcium, BUN, Creatining, eGFR.

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