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7351 Hepatitis B DNA Quant Real-time PCR

Specimen Type
Specimen Stability
Reference Range
EDTA Plasma
72 Hours, Ambient
7 Days, Refrigerated
42 Days, Frozen
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Specimen Requirements

Specimen Type: EDTA Plasma
Container: 2 Lavender Top Tubes
Temperature: Frozen
Preferred Vol: 3.00 mL
Min Vol: 2.50 mL


Real-Time PCR (RT-PCR)


Tuesday - Sunday

Turn-Around Time



STRICT FROZEN. Separate Plasma and Freeze within 1 hour of collection.

Clinical Utility

Chronic carriers will persist in producing detectable HBV. Patients with chronic liver disease of unknown origin most commonly have HBV that is detected by Viral DNA testing. Quantitative measurement of HBV Viral DNA may be used to monitor progression of disease.

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