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7741 PAI-1 Antigen

Specimen Type
Specimen Stability
Reference Range
Citrated Plasma
30 Days, Frozen
24 Hours, Refrigerated
4 - 43 ng/mL

Specimen Requirements

Specimen Type: Citrated Plasma
Container: 1 Light Blue Top Tube
Temperature: Frozen
Preferred Vol: 1.00 mL
Min Vol: 0.50 mL




Tuesday & Friday

Turn-Around Time



STRICT FROZEN. Separate Plasma and Freeze within 1 hour of collection.

Clinical Utility

Increased activity is associated with increased risk of arterial thrombosis, such as with unexplained premature myocardial infarction. As an acute phase reactant, the activity is increased after an acute event. Studies suggest PAI-1 may be a prognostic marker in early stage breast cancer.

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