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3283 Microalbumin/creatinine Ratio, Random Urine

Specimen Type
Specimen Stability
Reference Range
Random Urine
7 Days
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Specimen Requirements

Specimen Type: Random Urine
Container: Sterile Container
Temperature: Refrigerated





Turn-Around Time



5 ml random urine in sterile urine container

Clinical Utility

Microalbumin is albumin excreted in the urine and is a sensitive marker of nephropathy. It is used to screen for early renal disease in diabetic patients. A random urine creatinine value can be helpful in the differential diagnosis of a ruptured urinary bladder after abdominal trauma. Extravasated urine will have high levels of creatinine and also urea nitrogen. Creatinine in urine is commonly used to evaluate patients with advanced renal failure. However, due to diurnal variation and fluid intake during the day, a creatinine clearance test should be considered as a more accurate assessment of kidney function.

CPT Codes

82043, 82570

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