869 Culture, Group B Strep (GBS) with Reflex to Susceptibility

Specimen Type Specimen Stability Reference Range
GYN Fluid 24 Hours, Ambient
Up to 48 Hours Refrigerated
No Growth

Specimen Requirements

Specimen Type: GYN Fluid
Container: YourSwab (BD ESwab)
Temperature: Ambient





Turn-Around Time

3 days (Negative)
4-5 days (Positive)


Vaginal/anal specimen (as per CDC recommendations). For YourSwab (BD ESwab) collection: Transfer collected specimen into the vial, making sure that the sample is in contact with the transport media.

Clinical Utility

To screen a pregnant woman for the presence and isolation of Group B Streptococcus (GBS). Without detection, there is a risk that the mother will pass the GBS bacteria on to her newborn, possibly resulting in a serious infection. To provide antibiotic sensitivities when culture is positive for GBS.

CPT Codes

86403, 87015, 87081

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