7490 Fructosamine

Specimen Type Specimen Stability Reference Range
Serum 14 Days, Refrigerated
Frozen-30 Days
7 Days, Ambient
190 - 270 umol/L

Specimen Requirements

Specimen Type: Serum
Container: 1 Serum Separator Tube (SST)
Temperature: Refrigerated
Preferred Vol: 1.00 mL
Min Vol: 0.50 mL




Monday - Saturday

Turn-Around Time



Moderate and grossly hemolyzed and icteric specimens will be rejected.

Clinical Utility

Measurement of fructosamine indicates glycemic control over extended periods of time. Fructosamine values reflect glycemic control for the previous 2-3 weeks. Changes in fructosamine values alert the physician to deteriorating glycemic control earlier than changes in Hemoglobin A1c values. Fructosamine levels decrease more rapidly than Hemoglobin A1c, when diabetic patients are brought under better control.

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